Jordan Swift

A person (you assume) who is kept almost completely covered by heavy clothing as well as bandages and a mask. Perhaps a burn victim?


The daughter, and only known living family member, of the werewolf Nathan Swift. Showing signs of wolf blood since she was young, Jordan was being trained and prepared for the day she might undergo the First Change. Unfortunately, that was not to be. In a sad twist of fate she was caught in a tragic car crash. She was bleeding out and would have died had Alexander “Caine” Ambrose not been close enough to have heard the crash and embraced the girl.

Now she lives a bit of a complex life. As long as she is taken care of by the Prince and no harm befouls her, those loyal Lupines will refrain from hunting their blood-sucking, fellow nightstalkers, and the Kindred are forbidden from attacking the Wolves in turn. A tenuous alliance at best, but an alliance nonetheless.

Jordan Swift

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