Angel Victoria

A lithe, pale-skinned woman with dark hair.


A young, graceful looking woman who may at first glance be written off as a dancer or an athlete, but a slightly closer inspection may create some doubt to those beliefs. Her stance is rigid; were she to stand at attention next to a board you may be hard pressed to place bets on which one stands the most still. Her eyes are large, and dark. They could almost be called alluring were it not for the feeling of something creeping down your spine when that gaze turns on you. Like the stare of a predator.


Rigid as a Marine, graceful as a dancer, and deadlier than ten of both. Little is known of Angel before she appeared at Alexander’s side when he took the title of Prince. What is known is that if anyone wants to take his title by force, they’d better be damn well prepared…

Angel Victoria

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