Alexander "Caine" Ambrose

An stooped, balding Nosferatu.


A stooped, grey skinned little man whose limbs appear as though they could be made from dried twigs. In fact it appears as though all the bones and muscles within his body have shriveled near the point of nonexistence; the only areas in which his bone structure is not visible are those places where his flesh has begun to sag. It isn’t too hard to imagine someone trying to melt the skin from his bones only to stop the process midway. His hair is thinned and wispy, almost as if many spiders had left webs anchored to his head, and his eyes have sunk deep into his skull causing them to look empty in low lights.

Despite this he does not appear to be some filthy creature; his clothes are well pressed and neat, his fingernails are trimmed and manicured, and even his teeth are a pearly white. Were that not tell enough of his importance — self or otherwise — there is an air of regality in the way that he stands, and the way that he carries himself. A stiffness in his walk and in his stance mingled with just enough grace and dexterity to reveal that it is not a side-effect of age.


The man who would be Prince. It did not start out that way. Alexander was once a simple middle-class worker who happened to stumble upon a dying Ventrue who had been restrained had drained of most of his blood. In an act of compassion he unshackled the dying vampire who almost immediately turned on the human and nearly killed him. The Ventrue managed to end his blood frenzy in time to save the man’s life and brought him to a hospital.

Alex recovered and with only hazy memory of the events that had transpired, and carried on his life almost as normal. The Ventrue could not let the memory go. He observed the mortal for several days, and after discovering that he lived alone and had no close family, he approached him with an offer; Alex becomes a ghoul servitor and in exchange the vampire would provide him with power, and a better life. Alex accepted.

Years later, the Ventrue saw the potential in Alex asked if Alex would like to join the ranks of Kindred in an official capacity. He was given a day to decide. It is believed that the Ventrue’s enemies discovered his plans and sent a Nosferatu to sire Alex before he could join the Ventrue Clan, hoping to make him useless in the political battlefield. If anything they strengthened his resolve and he shot for the Princedom. After many years he was able to offer up evidence of the current Prince’s status as a diablerist and saw him executed personally, and made a play for the title with the backing of several of the Primogen.

Alexander "Caine" Ambrose

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